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Glamorous bedroom
Glamorous bedroom


Elegance, glamor, brilliance - this is what characterizes a glamor bedroom. The style refers to the royal chambers, and therefore in today's interiors we should find e.g. a huge bed and many shiny accessories. A contemporary glamor bedroom, just like the old one, must also be characterized by a large space, and if the area does not allow it, you should take care of the colors and accessories that will optically enlarge the room.

A glamor bedroom can then be equipped with, for example, mirrors in original frames, steel lamps, a crystal chandelier or other accessories that reflect light and create the illusion of more space. However, this treatment will not be effective in very confined spaces. A glamor bedroom is usually decorated in colors corresponding to the style and at the same time affecting the aforementioned optical enlargement of the room. Nowadays, these are mainly arrangements in white, grey, beige or silver.


Glamor style bedroom - what kind of furniture?

A glamor style bedroom should be equipped with the highest quality furniture. In its central place there must be a bed, or rather a bed.

Even if the host is single, the bed should be at least a double. It is also best to make it quite high, reminiscent of a royal bed. In the case of upholstered furniture, such a bed will usually have characteristic quilting at the headboard. A contemporary bedroom in a glamor style is also elegant bedside tables and a wardrobe or console, where we can put underwear, clothes or bedding. If there is no wardrobe in the apartment, then the wardrobe should be capacious. Since the bedroom in the glamor style usually shines with exclusivity, it is worth taking care of shiny furniture elements. They can be shiny in themselves if they are made of steel, silver or have crystal decorations. If not, accents are enough - silver handles in cabinets or drawers, or shiny patterns, or furniture finishing elements.

Glamor bedroom style - accessories and colors

The glamor style of the bedroom is also a multitude of exclusive accessories and appropriate colors. It is almost a necessity to equip the room with an elegant mirror, placed in an unusual frame.

Thanks to this, the glamor style of the bedroom will have strong stylish accents, and it will also gain additional space - of course visually. Among the decorative elements, we can also find silver candlesticks, beautifully carved frames for paintings or photographs, as well as shiny, heavy curtains and bedspreads. Everything together will create a room resembling a royal chamber in a modern setting. In addition to accessories, the color tone used in the room is also extremely important. The gray glamor bedroom is especially fashionable. Shades of gray perfectly harmonize with silver, black, green, red or blue, i.e. with the leading colors that characterize the style. The gray glamor bedroom is also arranged in a modern spirit. All shades of gray are simply on top, regardless of the nature of the interior. Colors such as white and silver are also immortal. beige, anthracite or blue.

Glamor bedroom inspirations

Inspiration for a glamor bedroom can be found in palace interiors that we see in movies or in historic castles and mansions that have been converted into hotels. Websites, blogs and industry magazines are also a treasury of knowledge. Elegant, unique bedroom furniture and more can also be found in the store.

The glamor bedroom is an important room in the house. This is where we rest, sleep, relax and spend time with our loved one. Its arrangement and attention to detail require a lot of effort, which will pay off. Thanks to this, we will create our cozy, intimate and at the same time exclusive interior, full of splendor and harmony.

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